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Archiving and graphic representation of the boreholes and lithostratigraphic profiles

DBSOND is a program for the archiving and graphic restitution of boreholes and geological profiles

The main features are the large amount of information that can be archived and the possibility of personalising the program.

The program offers more than twenty predefined column types for the representation of information (geotechnical and geo-mechanical parameters, laboratory and in situ test measurements, tubing, inclinometers and piezometers).

Each column can be customised, and it is possible to create new data styles apart from the standard configuration.

Thirty two different geological patterns are provided for the representation of stratigraphies. The user can assign any backcolour or forecolour to the patterns, which are scalable and which can be superimposed onto each other.

It is also possible to assign bitmaps to each layer, so as to obtain a photographic representation of the stratigraphy.

A program module is enclosed for the modification and the creation of new patterns.

Standard forms for different applications can be created (for example geological, geotechnical or geo-mechanical), or the graphic style to be used for each separate stratigraphy can be defined.

One of the main features is that, by using a simple editor, the output form can be customised with general information and with the company logo.

It is possible to extract the columns you want from the main files and put this information into profiles that thus become synoptic tables, these being essential tools for correct and quick identification of the stratigraphic correlation between boreholes.

The profiles can be reproduced using different horizontal and vertical scales and finished off with different dimensions.



Here are some examples of program-generated graphic outputs:

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