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Design and verification of retaining walls.

VERCAM is a program for the analysis and design of retaining, gravity and in concrete walls; which can evaluate the maximum safety factors both under normal and seismic conditions.

The programme can automatically calculate the reinforcement bar dimensions and their position as well as verify the corresponding stress in the materials for reinforced concrete barriers.

Verification is performed by determining of the safety factors to prevent both sliding (which is determined from resultant horizontal forces that stabilise and destabilise the wall) and toppling (which is determined from the equilibrium of the moments relative to the extreme of the ledge).

The maximum pressure exerted on the ground is determined by the global equilibrium of the wall.

The following cases are considered: single reinforcement only on the inner side of the wall and double reinforcement on both sides of the wall. In conditions of seismic risk, verification is performed through a pseudo-static analysis.



Here are some examples of program-generated graphic outputs:

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