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    Software for Rock Mechanics
  • Accecalc - Rock Slope Stability Analysis under Seismic Conditions
  • Clasrock - Classification of Rock Masses
  • Clu_star - Cluster and Rock Stability Analysis
  • Rock3d - Three-Dimensional Rock Block Analysis Based Key Block Theory
  • Rotomap - Rockfall Analysis
    Software for Soil Mechanics
  • Ce.Ca.P. - Calculation of Foundations
  • Diadim - Design and Verification of Sheet-piles and Bulkheads
  • I.L.A. - Slope Stability Analysis and Retaining System Design
  • Insitu - CPT, SPT and DP test Interpretation
  • Liquiter - Liquefaction of Terrains
  • Vercam - Design and Verification of Retaining Walls

    Software for Hydrogeology

  • Happie - Assessment of the Maximum Risk of Contamination
  • Inquimap - Modelling and Analysis of Aquifers
  • Sid - Calculation of Hydraulic Sections
  • Well - A Program to Interpret Pumping Tests

    Software for Geology

  • Dbsond - Archiving and Graphic Representation of the Boreholes and Lithostratigraphic Profiles
  • Isomap - 3D Surface Modelling

    Software for Geophysic

  • Eletom - Electrical Tomography
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