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Modeling and analysis of aquifers.

This program perform all the function of the Isomap package and can be considered as it extension. Most of the complex problems related to ground-water modeling can be solved with INQUIMAP.

It allows the geometric modeling of the water table and the insertion of one or several wells, flooded areas, barriers and impermeable barriers, recharge points and variations in permeability.

The obtained surfaces can be directly used to determine safe areas or to identify, in back-analysis terms, the position of the contamination sources.

The calculation can be performed with the finite differences method (this allows the introduction of recharge areas and points with a fixed or lowered piezometric levels), as well as trough the superimposition of effects (operating on a unconfined, confined or semi-confined aquifer, in steady or transient flow conditions).

The program reconstructs the isochronal lines by enveloping the flow lines that reach each well through a process of time-domain integration.

It is thus possible to determine the protection areas around water wells for domestic use. In order to calculate the iso-concentration lines the programme utilises an analytical-numerical extension of the well-known dispersion and convection equations used for a plane water table to fit the context of an uneven water table.

This problem can be analysed in terms of steady or continuous flows, following the development of the contamination in the time-domain. A solution for steady immission is also provided.

The program also allows the flow-analysis through vertical sections.



Here are some examples of program-generated graphic outputs:

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